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Indoor Climbing CoursesLearn to Climb: Indoor

Indoor climbing is a popular way of climbing in a controlled and safe environment. Newbies are taught the basics, including how to put on a harness, tie knots and belay, how to warm up and avoid injuries and instruction in basic climbing techniques. More advanced climbers can refine and improve their techniques and skill base.

* Indoor Climbing: Adults *

Local climbing wall courses for adult groups only. Covers all abilities but is especially aimed at people wishing to learn the basics of indoor climbing.

Up to 6 participants

Duration: 3 hours

£25 per person

* Indoor Climbing: Lead Climbing *

Learning to lead climb is an important step for any climber. Our course builds on the skills you already have to teach you the freedom and challenge of leading and provides an excellent preperation for leading on real rock in the future. The course includes lead belaying, clipping, practicing leader falls, and safety techniques. We will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead climb and lead belay on any indoor climbing wall.

Up to 4 participants

Duration: 2 hours

£30 per person

* Indoor Climbing: Children *

Protect the trees in your garden by letting your kids climb indoors with us on a climbing wall. Promotes self-confidence and teamwork as well as being good fun and a great day out.

Up to 8 children (larger groups by special arrangement)

Duration: 3 hours

£17.50 per child

* Indoor Climbing: Family *

Indoor climbing fun for family groups.

Up to 8 participants

Duration: 3 hours

£25 per adult + £15 for each child under 18

* Indoor Climbing 1-to-1 *

Individual climbing instruction for anyone over 18. Although all our courses are limited to small groups, one-to-one tuition means that you can benefit from having Andy's attention one hundred percent of the time. Many clients find they can progress faster this way, and this has proved to be one of our most popular courses, particularly with people looking to learn more advanced skills to enable them to become completely self-sufficient as climbers.

Duration: 2 hours

£45 per session

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